Do you know which option is best?

A recent article in Insurance Business entitled ‘UK burglary fears on the rise’ looked at new research published by Churchill home insurance. The research revealed millions of UK homeowners are concerned about being burgled; yet, only a small proportion of were taking steps to limit the impact of becoming victims of burglary.


Other findings also revealed people felt vulnerable when it comes to burglary, with less than a quarter (24%) believing they would be able to protect themselves against an intruder.

Nowadays the options to protect yourself and your home is plentiful, with numerous home security systems being available, the problem a lot of people face when looking to secure their home is which system is the right one?

Do you install CCTV, a bells-only system or a monitored home alarm? Do you need one sensor or 10? Or would door contacts be better because you have pets? If you think a monitored home alarm would be better, do you install visual monitoring or opt for the benefits associated with two-way voice monitoring?

When it comes to home security it is always best to let the experts guide you through the decision process, because a regulated alarm company will always help you make the right choice – a choice not based on price, but based on need.

However, when looking at price it is worth noting that monitored alarms can cost the same, if not less than some bells-only systems, with the exception of a nominal monthly or annual monitoring and maintenance fee. Plus, monitored alarms can provide real-time, around-the-clock security, which a lot people find reassuring, because in the event of an alarm being activated, instead of hoping a neighbour or passer-by will act, a monitoring station staffed by trained security personnel will automatically respond, reducing the potential of harm to life or property.

For more information contact Securacom4security for full, impartial advice.


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