Equine related thefts rise by 45%

Do you run a farm or livery yard and concerned about break-ins and thefts? Graham from Securacom4security.com can guide you through the process of picking the right security system to help you make the choice.


Horseandhound.co.uk published an article that showed the cost of equine related thefts had risen by 45% since 2013 and totalled more than £1.9m according to rural insurers NFU Mutual.

The article also reported that farms and livery yards are a favourite hunting ground for thieves because they are left unattended at night. And that the North-East and South-West were the worst affected areas in the crime survey, which was completed by 300 NFU agencies in rural areas.

“My daughter owns a horse and I know she is concerned about the risk of break-ins at the stable where she keeps her horse.

“There are lots of options available, from wireless CCTV systems, to fully-integrated, two-way audio monitored intruder alarms that provide real-time 24/7 response in the event of an alarm being activated.

“The trick is knowing which system is right for you and will offer the best security.” States Graham.

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