Homeowner’s life saved

Homeowner’s life saved by Securacom4security’s two-way voice monitored alarm
An elderly homeowner has survived what is being described as a potentially life-threatening situation, after a firework was ignited and then pushed through the letterbox.
Although the occupant was unaware of what was happening at the time, the control room staff from the monitoring station was alerted after the monitored smoke alarm that was installed in the occupant’s home was activated by smoke in the hallway.
The alarm triggered a series of events designed to generate a quick and appropriate response from the UK-based control room staff, which resulted in assistance being given to the homeowner while they alerted the emergency services who arrived on scene shortly afterwards.
“I was on my own in the house when a firework was put through my letterbox and exploded, burning my stair carpet and filling my upstairs rooms with smoke.
“I cannot express just how reassuring it was when you took over and called the emergency services, I was shaking too much to dial! Thank you all!!”
Thankfully the homeowner had installed a Securacom4security two-way voice monitored alarm system, which monitors for intruders and if required, comes with monitored smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors for added home safety and security.
The detectors automatically emit a loud noise to alert the occupants, whilst at the same time sending an alarm to a central monitoring station who automatically respond, alerting the occupant, a key holder, or if necessary, the emergency services.
“We always hope our alarm systems will never be needed, but our customers are reassured that if, for whatever reason, their Securacom4security system is activated that someone will always respond and take charge of the situation.” Stated Martin Mann, managing director of Securacom4Security.
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